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I also provide web design/development and other marketing design and Internet communications services. Check out the link on the right to visit Digital Chitown Web Design.

Highlighted Graphics & Video Work (new work coming soon)

Below are selected projects I've been privledged to concept, design, produce and/or contribute to. I've created high definition sequences, motion graphics and animation for explainer videos, commercials, digital signage, branded content, product launches, corporate presentations, instructional video, internal training, music video, short-form documentary, on-line video events, tradeshows, seminars & conferences.

The Innovation Story

Sight & Sound. Motion Graphic of an Infographic I designed for ISSA with Lake Coast Creative. Click below to see the infographic.

WDM Graphix

Compilation of various motion graphics I've designed for various clients (some orphans) that needed a home.

Untamed Potential

For ISSA and Lakeshore Creative. Promo for ISSA Chicago Convention. Directed and Edited by Chad Ericksen, Motion Graphics sequences by Matthew Wright.

MMI's Dr. Jones

For Multi Mobile Imaging. A new animation style (for me) I'm offering providing more options in storytelling with motion graphics. I see many applications for this style of animation in educational, training and marketing video. It's a simple, fun, and light-hearted style of messaging with a touch of humor.

How Clean K-12

Bringing life to the InfoGraphic below with motion and sound in English for Lake Coast Creative & ISSA.

WFBSC New York

Corporate Marketing video for Diversey Care leveraging the Value of Clean graphics and additional graphics for Lake Shore Creative and their client. Directed and Edited by Chad Ericksen, Motion Graphics sequences by Matthew Wright.

Changing the Way the World Views Cleaning

Kinetic Text Motion Graphics Remake of Corporate Marketing video for ISSA .

We Are FEI Chicago

Directed, designed the motion graphics and edited this Financial Executives International Promo and Recruitment video for their Chicago Chapter. Below is an abbreviated version of a 5 min video that was produced along with a 2 min companion piece.

            Click for Recruiting Video

MoGraph Reel

My role in what you'll see here was Creative Director, Motion Graphics Designer, Video Editor and Sound Designer (with the exception of GrohFlex and Profit Insight where I contributed as Editor and Motion Graphics Designer). (Show Reel Nods: Thank you Sedgwick Productions, Two Plus One Films, Q Design and their clients.)

Normandy House

Concept and Design. Motion Graphics fun for Normandy House, a Chicago-based transitional living non-profit .

Quantum Cleaning System

Diversey Care Quantum Cleaning System. Creative Director, Motion Graphics Designer and Video Editor.


Hospira's "Our Philosophy" - Video Co-Editor and Motion Graphics contributor for Two Plus One Films and GA Communication Group.

MoGraph Sampler

A different kind of Motion Design sampler. Creative Director, Video Editor and Motion Graphics Designer. (Includes ComEd, Vodomodo, ISSA and Microsoft)

Photogenic ION

Motion Graphics Designer and Video Editor. This marketing video was created with 100% photography and stop motion animation. For Tonic Blue Commmunications and their client Promark.

Music Video

Music Video for Chicago's Ode - Directed and Co-Edited By Ratcko Momcilovic, Co-Editor and Color by Matthew Wright. More at

Nasdaq Closing Bell

Motion graphics signage on the Times Square Nasdaq sign for the Nasdaq Closing Bell. Created for Q Design (Steve Quinn, Creative Director) and their client Advisor Shares.